Friday, December 31, 2004

Last Post for the Year

What a year.

I've grown (i think). I've overcome some challenges. I've strengthened my commitment to my partner. I've made some job changes and contemplated a whole new career. I've brought my web site to life (with some serious professional help), and started exploring my photographic vision in full force.

2004 held a lot for me.

Still, i don't get all the hoopla over the concept of the "New Year." It's just another day for me.

I tend to look at my birthday (March 2, for all you compulsive gift-givers) as the beginning of my new year. January 1 is kind of arbitrary, isn't it? I don't remember how the Gregorian Calendar came into being -- some Pope, i think -- but January 1 might as well be June 1 or September 23 or ... or ... March 2. ;-)

Whatever the reason, whatever the celebration whatever you do to commemorate the coming of 2005, be well, be powerful, be true.

Love You.

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