Monday, August 30, 2004

Baker's Dozen

I admit it: i'm becoming a blog addict. So it's not unusual for me to run across the latest meme out here in the blogosphere. I don't know if this qualifies, but my boy EJ has this new concept he got from KB: Baker's Dozen.

According to KB, "Realizing that my local bagel store has Baker's Dozen specials on Mondays led to this. It has become a weekly thing that others want to participate in too. The idea is to come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, blog entries, whatever. Post a link to your entry when you're done."

So check out my Baker's Dozen today, and hopefully on the regular. Assuming i can come up with a dozen things to post.

  1. Squeezed my entire Olympics into two or three days of viewing.
  2. Saw a couple of sports i'd never seen before, including some kind of rowing where the guys were up on one knee while paddling. What the hell was that?
  3. Watched team synchronized swimming for the first time. Those girls are serious athletes, flipping off of each other's shoulders without ever touching the bottom of the pool. I can't eve do it on solid ground.
  4. Some crazy man came running onto the marathon course and grabbed the leader at the time, a Brazilian who ultimately took the Silver Medal. Damn. You get tackled like a running back and you still finish in third place? You good. LOL!
  5. OOH! USA got spanked! In basketball, with NBA players, no less. They barely got the bronze medal. Wha tha fu ...
  6. Why did i spend so much time crotch watching during the Athletics competitions? It's those sex fiends on that LGBTPoC list! They warped my mind.
  7. Troy and i went for a walk on Sunday, the first time in a long time that we spent our Sunday time together.
  8. Why do the men wear those tight, total-body suits in the track competitions? I'm a happily married man, but-- wait, did i talk about this already?
  9. Why was the hottest part of the Closing Ceremonies the presentation from Beijing welcoming the world to the 2008 games? That woman who was working the red ribbons should have trained some of the rhythmic gymnastics girls. And while i'm there ...
  10. GO CHINA! In spite of NBC commentators' focus on some Canadian boy in the platform diving competition (who didn't even medal), Jia Hu of China KICKED ASS with many, many perfect 10s. If the Chinese were so dominant, so highly favored, why wasn't the focus on them? (Of course the nationalistic Americans only kept plugging the Canadian because NO AMERICANS made it to the finals.)
  11. Why did half the second week of coverage focus on the poor, wronged, American, white boy who -- hello!!! -- won the gold medal? "Oh, look at little Paul Hamm. Ewyboddy pickin' on him. That mean ol' Korean gymnast should just accept it when the judges scored him wrong. Boo hoo!" I can't take it.
  12. Gianna mothafuckin-Angelopoulos-Daskalaki.
    I would say "nuff said," but i feel the need to point out that she is the first woman in the history of the modern Olympics to head an organizing committee. I remember seeing interviews with her months ago, when the media was going on and on about how fears of terrorist attacks at the games were at an all-time high, how the physical structures were way behind schedule being built, how "the world" wasn't sure Athens would be ready. She was poised, charismatic, and assured. "We will be ready." From everything i saw, Athens was more than ready, they were fabulous hosts of a stellar event. I -- like Bob Costas -- am wondering if she's running for President.

So that was my Olympic weekend. And my first Baker's Dozen.


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