Monday, August 16, 2004

Chasing Charley

'Splain to me why i'm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Troy and i drove down here Saturday. We passed through the remnants of destruction the likes of which i had never seen. You know those huge billboards on the side of the freeways? Imagine the huge, main poles twisted and bent. THAT shit is awesome. Of course, we were originally supposed to drive down Friday night, arriving Saturday morning. Why do i think we would have been a news story by Sunday?
Two negroes, apparently "companions" were killed when their rental car blew off the road and through the wall of a nearby hotel during Hurricane Charley's onslaught. Details at 11:00.

Signs, parts of buildings, and even some vehicles littered the sides of freeway. The most striking thing i noticed, though was what wasn't destroyed: the plants.

Oh sure, there were some uprooted or broken trees, but for the most part, the vegetation was unharmed. In fact, a lot of the damage that was done to the trees was apparently from man-made debris hitting them. Hmm. "Nature's fury" goes tearing across the peninsula and nature remains largely unharmed. I mean, the leaves were still on the trees and bushes, while the roof tiles from buildings had been stripped away.

Humans are funny. The news was describing the folks living in Punta Gorda, Florida as "victims" of the hurricane. I thought victims were people who had been the target of crimes. Just more evidence of the egocentric mindset of the colonized world. "How dare Mother Nature attack us!?!?!"


Just my ramblings for the day. A hurricane comes through, cleans the air, scours the earth, rebalances the wetlands, and all the folks on the news can think about is how much damage it caused to people's property. What a crock.

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