Monday, September 13, 2004

Baker's Dozen - Sick and Tired ...

Influenza Cover Story for Seattle Weekly
Image by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli/

In case you can't catch it from the image, i'm not feeling so well these days. In fact, i've been home from work for a week now. One of the hazards of having no health insurance, i guess: gotta tough it out for the non-lethal shit. Anyway, the feedback for this past weekend is going to be pretty one-track-mindish. But i'm trying to keep in the habit of doing this (late) every week so ...

  1. Tissue. Lots of it.
  2. Snot.
  3. Augmentin 600ES at regular intervals.
  4. More snot.
  5. Claritin to stop the snot.
  6. Aspirin to stop the Claritin headache.
  7. No sleep, but no energy to do anything.
  8. Delirium, probably born of sleep deprivation.
  9. Coughing that feels like a sandblaster in my chest and throat.
  10. Vicks 44 that my wonderful man brought me to stop the coughing.
  11. So much snot, i MUST have lost weight.
  12. Finally, the Six Feet Under season finale, and hope for recovery.

In the words of Olivier Castro-Staal, "I toast you with this shitty wine."

Here's to better health.

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