Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Charles Made Me Sad

I just went into panic mode. If you know me, stop and try to picture that for a moment.

Charles Stephens, the author of the Tongue Untied blog for the last few months has announced he will be deleting his blog. I don't know why, and i respect Charles enough not to interrogate him about his personal choice. I am just disappointed for the selfish reason that i will no longer be able to get my daily fix of his incisive critical thought. At least not online.

Of course, i had to remind myself that i know him personally and that we even work in the same building, so i might be getting a little dramatic with myself here. It's just that so much of what Charles has written in so short a time has sparked much self-exploration on my part.

So i'm a little sad that i won't have the Tongue Untied to look forward to anymore.

But i'll be looking forward to the book ....

*****UPDATE 9/21/04*****
{sigh} It's really gone. Charles has deleted his blog. Ah well, more power to him in his future writing endeavors.

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