Monday, January 24, 2005

Malik the Pornographer

Hmm ... from consumer to producer. What do y'all think?

I have an offer to shoot some men for a well-known chain of web sites and magazines. It pays pretty well and i am really interested in seeing if i can pull it off. I know what i like in adult images -- well, i know what i don't like, anyway -- but i'm not sure i can create exciting, hardcore images. I'll be doing a test shoot soon with some lucky brotha (he'll be getting paid at least $100 for the shoot), so i guess i'll have a better idea of where i am with the whole thing then.

And there's certainly no shortage of eager young men out there. I put out a few "feelers" over the weekend and got back at least 25-30 responses from guys who were interested in doing the adult nude shoot. Is it a rash of exhibitionism? Or is it the cash that's motivating folks?

In any case, i'm dying to see how this plays out. And i'm especially curious to hear from friends of mine with experience in the business ....

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