Sunday, July 04, 2004

Ain't Got Sense Enuf to be 'Shamed!

It's finally here!!!

Updated from 06/30/2004 - Check out the CD cover!!!

The ADODI Muse CD Ain't Got Sense Enuf to be 'Shamed is finally here! I am excited and nervous and proud and critical all at once.

In case you don't know who we are, The ADODI Muse: A Gay Negro Ensemble is a performance poets troupe founded by the late Tony Daniels back in 1995. After many years of writing, reading, sharing, growing, losing, coping, recovering, progressing, thriving, renewing, practicing, performing, editing, recording, scrimping, financing, waiting, waiting, and waiting ... the CD is actually in our hands.

We are good.

I can say that now, without feeling that someone or something is going to come along and challenget the truth of the statement. We're good at what we do. Anthony likes to call it "edutainment" (but don't let him tell you he made up the word). We endeavor to teach, to enlighten as we entertain. Time and again, even when i'm not sure we will, we seem to do just that.

So this CD is the culmination of YEARS of work and i am proud of it, and if you care enough about me to take the couple of minutes from your life to read this post, then i expect a check for $15.00 from you and i'll be more than happy to send you a copy of the CD.

Let me know when the check is in the mail. ;-)


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