Saturday, July 17, 2004

Top Ten Allies of Wisdom

Okay, so i subscribe to two of those TopTen mailing lists that sends out lists of things to think about every day. There's one for business, one for personal ... i'm sure there's a daily top ten list for mollusk-lovers somewhere out there. My inbox is flooded daily with advice on "The Top Ten Ways to Stop Spam," "The Top Ten Myths About Taking Control of Your Career," or "The Top Ten Benefits of Journaling." (Yeah, like i need that one.

Every now and then, though, i get a gem. Yesterday's TopTenPersonal was interesting and gave me pause to think about some of the things going on in my life right now. So i'm posting it here in lieu of writing something myself today (with all credits intact, of course).

Top 10 Allies of Wisdom

(You can also read this TopTen here.)
  1. The still, small voice within.
    Remember, the ego speaks first and loudest and does not wish us well. It is the still, small voice within that guides with wisdom.

  2. Patience.
    The reward of patience is ... patience.

  3. Non-action.
    The ability to refrain from taking action can take lifetimes to develop. It is a rare quality.

  4. Understanding that the fastest way is often the opposite way.
    This principle is related to the metaphysical law of rhythm. "All things are always changing to their opposites."

  5. Timing.
    It's not what you say, or how you say it. Mostly what counts is WHEN you say it.

  6. Applying an appropriate amount of force.
    Don't kill a fly with a hammer.

  7. The ability to stand alone.
    Sine qua non.

  8. Integrity.
    Do you act the same when no one is looking?

  9. Realizing that those you wish to impress will do what you do, not what you say.

  10. Don't ask anyone to do something you are not willing to do yourself.
    And ... do it first!

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