Thursday, June 24, 2004

All About Charles

I have declared this "Blog About Charles Day."

Charles Stephens is the one of my friends who most reminds me of myself. Which means he is probably absolutely appalled at the thought of a lot of people turning their attention toward him in any kind of public forum like this. Only because he's my friend, and i love him dearly, will i stop now.


Just let me say that Charles is fab. He's an incisive critic of the -isms that flood through our daily lives, a talented writer who ought to be publishing a book sometime soon, a gifted and necessary subversive element in my life, and a (unbeknownst to many) a real laugh-riot in his unguarded moments.

I know he thought i was going to start some kind of campaign to have people blogging at him from all sides (and i do think Neena may have mentioned his name), but really i am going through all these motions just to fuck with him.

So ... here's to you, Charles. Gotcha.

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