Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Why has it been three months since i posted anything here?

Why did i think i was going to post to a BLOG every day when some days i don't even feel like getting out of bed?

Why am i getting into this technocrap at 40 years old?

Why did KEVIN E. BYNES incite me to start this mess all over again?


I guess i'll try it one more time ...


EJ Flavors said...

...and remember, whereever you go. there you are.
signed - the one who isn't on the right side, but has been blogging for two years and waiting for the homeboy to get off his boo-tay. ;-O

WTC said...

As a trainer told me...when you become COMMITTED to yourself, you will do the RIGHT and HEALTHY things for YOU.

Ynkuya said...

Well I'm enjoying it. I'm glad I discovered blogging and incited several friends who knew all along and never told me to start this shit. It's so fun!!!

Kevin E. Bynes