Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A Portrait of the Artist
as a Not-So-Young Man

So here it is. My self-indulgence has finally worked its way into my photography. I should have figured at some point my fascination with black men as subjects would grow to include ... well ... me. Still, if what i'm after is some form of artistic expression generated via communion between the photographer and the photographed, here it is. In spades.

Is it okay for me to think i'm beautiful (some days)? Is it sad that i have to ask for permission? What am i really after with this whole exploration into the visual arts anyway? Hell, i'm half colorblind and have zero depth perception. What kind of nerve do i have calling myself a photographer?

It's amazing the kinds of questions giving a little attention to myself has generated.

June 17, 2004

PS - For a real gander how self-centered i was being, check out the pic in my profile, taken of me by me during the same photo shoot as the one above.

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